Драйвера gps globalsat bu 353 для андроид, додолев пристрастный реквием книгу

BU-353 compatibility with Android OS. Android has a built-in drivers for our USB GPS Receivers in it's Linux kernel (PL2303). https://play.google.com/store /apps/details?id=com.globalsat.android.gps.bluetooth.provider. If you need warranty service & your GlobalSat product falls into the conditions listed below, you may need to (Supports the following devices: BU-353-S4, ND -105C, ND-100S, DG-200, BR-305-USB8 USB Cable Set), GPSInfo for Windows. I can't connect the BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver to my cubietruck the FTDI driver may be good for my Globalsat BU-353-S4.

Drivers are available on the US Globalsat website and from Prolific's site. While the BU-353-S4 works perfectly with standard GPS signals, I have not been. Which hardware/drivers have you used to do so? GPS Success! :D Finally my Globalsat BU-353 USB GPS receiver works on Android. I found. I am planning to use USB GPS (globalsat BU353-S4). I was looking for the Android equivalent of the gpsd library available in Linux. As far as I could see, gpsd is used internally by the Android system; there does not Android USB host mode “soft-mode” drivers for standard class-compliant USB devices. This app allows you to use an external GPS receiver via the USB port of your Android device. You can use it to provide improved performance, or to provide GPS. GPS состоит из драйвера и C-либы Андройд, которые независимы. Драйвер . Хочу прикрутить USB GPS приемник GlobalSat

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